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High five with Brian and Student

Thanksgiving and Ratios

My family is hosting their Thanksgiving a week later than most (this coming weekend). And while my focus narrows to myopic when I’m at the table (“What’s the proper ratio of cranberry-derived to stuffing-derived carbohydrates to induce a restful coma?”), recently writing a quick email to say “thank you” forced a bit of perspective. Advertisements

The Ndola Market

Ingredients for Full-Time Volunteering

I set aside a career in finance to pursue volunteering full-time. I knew I had a window, a brief opportunity to capitalize on my deep-seated, but dormant need to impact the world. I was pretty sure I was blazing a trail (and had the commensurate measure of trepidation going into it). I didn’t know, however, […]

What Steps can we take to run this place out of business?

The Incredible Shrinking Nonprofit

Coming from a business perspective, the nonprofit goal of putting themselves out of business can be foreign (It still feels foreign to us). But, in a theoretical extreme, any effective nonprofit would be a shrinking one.

Introducing: The Playbook

Welcome to the Quarterback Playbook. We’re using this outlet as a space to muse on professional life, impact thinking, developments in and around the volunteer market, and how to best tackle good..