Introducing: The Playbook

Welcome to the Quarterback Playbook. We’re using this outlet as a space to muse on professional life, impact thinking, developments in and around the volunteer market, and how to best tackle good..

As Quarterback develops, you’ll see posts that address all of our stakeholders–nonprofits, professionals, education institutions, and employers, as well as Quarterback’s successes and failures as a blooming social enterprise. We’re excited to give you a view directly into our mission:

making high-impact, intensive volunteering a personal priority and a professional imperative.

You’ll learn what makes Quarterback, an idea dating back 4 or 5 months and a more full-fledged project with 2 months’ dedicated to it, develop and grow.

Now, here’s a baby picture of Quarterback:

Baby Business Plan
Quarterback was conceived under the code name “Project Half” in September 2012.

Thanks all. Sign up for updates about how to tackle good.


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