High Volume Impact (Applicant Arithmetic)

blog_feature_applicationcountIn this edition of Application Arithmetic we’re exploring the highest-level results from the application process: quantity. Application Arithmetic is an ongoing series of posts about our results in which we present and digest the facts and figures of Quarterback’s inaugural application pool.

Pre-Launch Unknowns

We’re happy to report Quarterback’s innovative pilot program of professional development and social impact struck a nerve among MBAs. But in the weeks leading up to launching the pilot program, it wasn’t a slam dunk. Quarterback HQ was hard at work identifying sure-fire sources for Quarterbacks. We thought about our network, our family, our friends: who would take us up on our offer to facilitate and empower their impact? Our research indicated we had a compelling program, but first-year adoption was far from certain.

Early Demand Signs.

Prior to sharing the engagements, we observed the following exchange on a Top 5 MBA program’s admissions chat:

Prospective MBA: Is there anything we can do to start preparing for a career in consulting prior to classes in the fall?”

Admissions Representative: I think the marginal return from a new pre-MBA summer endeavor could be higher than an additional few months in your current role.”

Source: University of Chicago Booth Admissions Chat

Pre-MBA summer endeavor? That’s Quarterback.

We struck a nerve.

In June, word of the program spread quickly across MBA classes. Eager first-years and graduates evaluated the program equally seriously (although in different proportions, as we’ll share later). The result?
blog_content_applicationcountThat’s right. 75 MBA candidates reached out to Quarterback via our website and direct emails to Founder and CEO Brian Gloede to learn more. We quickly replied with our list of pre-scoped (for achievability) and pre-vetted (for only the most compelling and impactful) engagements. We had five engagements that fit our exacting standards.

Competitive and Selective.

Quarterback entered the marketplace with a splash and was highly competitive out of the gate.blog_content_applicationacceptanceUltimately, 7% of applicants joined our inaugural cohort as Quarterbacks. Given this acceptance rate, these individuals are the founding members of an elite group of impact-focused professionals seeking out and tackling good. And we’re just getting started.

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Application Arithmetic is an ongoing series presenting the facts, figures, statistics, and analysis of Quarterback’s inaugural application pool. Our aim is to drive insights into the group of incredibly talented, impact-focused professionals we have curated by offering innovative social impact programs designed for MBAs. Learn more about Quarterback at our website.


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