MBA Programs and Impact (Applicant Arithmetic)

blog_feature_applicationprogramsQuarterback received 75 applications. But from where? In this edition of Application Arithmetic we reveal the MBA programs that provided the most applicants. Application Arithmetic is an ongoing series of posts about our results in which we present and digest the facts and figures of Quarterback’s inaugural application pool.

Twelve MBA Programs

As previously reported, Quarterback received interest from 75 MBA candidates. But where did they come from? Some of the best business programs in the country.blog_content_applicationprogramsLOGOSApplications poured in from twelve top-tier MBA programs across the US. From Cambridge to San Francisco, Austin to Chicago, MBAs sought to add impact to their portfolios via Quarterback’s pilot program. Predictably, some MBA programs furnished more applicants than others. Chief among them: The University of Michigan Ross School of Business and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Top-Ranked Programs Heavily Represented

In our prior post, we highlighted our program’s selectivity–a byproduct of MBA demand for impact-focused, intensive opportunities. It’s worth noting that we were selective among the country’s most competitive MBA programs.
blog_content_applicationprograms%Among the applications Quarterback received, top MBA programs were extensively represented–in fact, 100% of the top 5 programs in the US furnished applicants, 70% of the top ten, and 55% of the top twenty.

Benefitting Our Partners

Quarterback was pleased. Our nonprofit partners were blown away. By partnering with Quarterback, they secured some of the best and brightest future business leaders to tackle strategic and operational challenges in their organizations. We promised. We delivered.

Want to bring this level of talent to your nonprofit? Contact us. If you’d like to learn more about Quarterback, please sign up for email updates.

Application Arithmetic is an ongoing series presenting the facts, figures, statistics, and analysis of Quarterback’s inaugural application pool. Our aim is to drive insights into the group of incredibly talented, impact-focused professionals we have curated by offering innovative social impact programs designed for MBAs. Learn more about Quarterback at our website.


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