Impacting Global Mobile Health as a Quarterback

I was looking forwards to enjoying some additional weeks of vacation before starting my MBA. But when the opportunity to join the Quarterback program and help Medic Mobile appeared, I just felt I couldn’t miss it. And I was right! renan_quote I had a rare opportunity at this stage of my career to put into practice the skills and experience I had gathered over the past years for a cause I truly believed in. I was finally able to reconnect with the world of start-ups AND have a positive impact on society.

My experience was extremely enriching on a personal and professional level. It gave me the opportunity to practice and develop new skills; to start building a network in my area of interest; and to better assert and position myself for my future career choices.

Throughout the project I worked directly with the executive management team of Medic Mobile. It was very clear my work had very clear and direct implications for their organization. I got direct exposure to the realities of innovative start-ups and how to adapt my skills to that context. These learnings were crucial for me in my desired path of working closer with entrepreneurship and start-ups.

Prior to my experience as a Quarterback I had had limited direct interaction with the social start-up industry, despite my interest in the area. Working closely with Medic Mobile was an exceptional first step into it. I worked directly with high level executives and fore thinkers in the area of healthcare delivery to developing countries. I met with pragmatic people making a difference, and developed relationships that will go beyond the project. Since the engagement, I have been in constant contact with them to discuss subjects related to my career and passions.

This turned out to be essential in my efforts to differentiate myself during my MBA.  I was not only more certain of what I wanted; I was also better positioned to achieve it.

Finally, this project was my first concrete experience working with a technology start-up. It helped me clarify and confirm my interest in start-ups and the direction I wanted for my career. It also helped me build my personal story. This turned out to be essential in my efforts to differentiate myself during my MBA. I was not only more certain of what I wanted; I was also better positioned to achieve it.

In a world often driven by monetary decisions, I found an unmatched satisfaction in feeling I could have a real tangible impact on a cause I believe in. This alone changed it all for me.

-Renan Baroukh

About Renan Baroukh:  Originally from Brazil, and having lived in over 6 countries in 4 different continents, Renan has consistently shown wide interest in developing countries challenges, and finding and developing innovative solutions and business models to tackle them. Renan completed his studies in Business Administration, and has extensive experience working in strategy consulting for governments and large organizations, with particular focus in the Healthcare and Technology industries.

Working with Medic Mobile, Renan contributed his professional experience to try and enhance the quality and access of healthcare in developing countries through the introduction of innovative technologies.

Renan is currently attending Harvard Business School as a first year MBA candidate.

About Quarterback ReflectionsQuarterback, a social enterprise startup building the leadership of the impact economy, is participating in global Pro Bono Week 2013 (#PBW13).  In celebration of the pro bono ethic, alumni of Quarterback’s founding cohort are sharing reflections on their own high-impact, intensive engagements as part of the Quarterback program.


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