2016 Partnership Search

In the first quarter of each year, Quarterback looks to the cutting edge of social innovation to find organizations that can benefit from our unique brand of impact investing.  We bring highly skilled human capital to take on organization’s most pressing challenges and significant opportunities.  So here’s our question to you: who should we work with?

What nonprofit organizations are blazing a trail and changing the world?

Over the past years, we’ve delivered management support services valued at over $1.25 million to our partner portfolio.  And brought entirely new opportunities to the world’s most promising professionals to give them a foundational experience contributing in social impact.

It’s about building a stronger economy with socially-conscious leaders, effective and efficient nonprofits leading the way in innovation, and a more fluid talent market to make it all work together.

Talent shouldn’t be a barrier to impact.  But it is.

That’s where Quarterback comes in.  And that’s where your recommendations come in.  Know an organization that should have access to the talent resources it needs?  Want to find a way to support groundbreaking work?  Recommend a nonprofit!  By doing so, you’ll put them at the head of the line as we select our portfolio of 15 partners for our 2016 Portfolio.

What are we looking for?

Simply put. Nonprofits that are leading the way in social innovation.  Entrepreneurial this-can’t-wait mentality and an understanding that talent is a critical resource to changing the world.  We’re agnostic to mission / model (we’ve worked with organizations tackling diversity in tech, global health access, venture philanthropy, foundations, and  education).

Ready to recommend an organization?  Contact us at Founders@qtrback.org!







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