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2016 Partnership Search

In the first quarter of each year, Quarterback looks to the cutting edge of social innovation to find organizations that can benefit from our unique brand of impact investing.  We bring highly skilled human capital to take on organization’s most pressing challenges and significant opportunities.  So here’s our question to you: who should we work with? What nonprofit organizations are […]

Quarterback Completes $240,000 Investment in Partnership with Center for Financial Services Innovation

Quarterback and the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) partnered to invest human capital valued at $240,000 to support organizations working on financial inclusion and fairness this past summer.

Two Essential Steps to Make an Impact with Your MBA

Throughout its history, the social impact sector has played host to relatively few MBAs. This is not because the degree is somehow an anathema to the sector.

Our Newest Barometer of Sucess: The Bachelor

The Bachelor could be used as a barometer for the success of the social impact sector. Crazy? Maybe. But if success for our sector means we have a culture that expects and rewards work in support of positive social outcomes, we should be able to watch our results primetime.

Quarterback in ASPIRE Magazine

Excited to be featured in ASPIRE Magazine! Quarterback was featured in Why Profit and Purpose are the New Ingredients to a Successful MBA (ASPIRE Magazine, October 2013).  The digital (iOS) magazine covered the founding story of Quarterback and its impact on MBAs.  The article is based on an interview I did earlier this month, the […]