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Building International Community Development Strategies as a Quarterback

As a summer 2013 Quarterback (part of Quarterback’s founding cohort), I helped a non-profit organization in sub-Saharan Africa (BLOOM Africa) develop their strategy and implementation structure for future international development work. It was an extremely rewarding experience for me both personally and professionally. Advertisements

Building a Bridge from Uganda to Consulting

After spending three years as a marketing and business development specialist in the construction industry, I decided I was ready for a change.  Looking for a more impactful and results-oriented career, I began to apply to business school to make the transition into human capital consulting.

Crafting Impact and Technology Strategies as a Quarterback

Headed into my MBA experience, I knew that my professional journey would be challenging.  In early 2013, I made the decision to leave a great banking career in order to try something that was non-traditional, impactful, and inspiring.  My dream was to become a facilitator of accessibility for underrepresented minorities within technology, but I had […]

Driving Sustainability in the Developing World as a Quarterback

This summer I was a part of the founding cohort of Quarterbacks and served as Zambia Business Development Manager for Spark Ventures, a Chicago-based nonprofit with international partnerships that provide children in poverty with nutrition, education and healthcare.  I was specifically worked on identifying a new business that a Spark Ventures partner organization could begin […]

Impacting Global Mobile Health as a Quarterback

I was looking forwards to enjoying some additional weeks of vacation before starting my MBA. But when the opportunity to join the Quarterback program and help Medic Mobile appeared, I just felt I couldn’t miss it. And I was right!

The Quarterback Experience

So, What’s It Like Being a Quarterback?

Quarterback is building the leadership of the impact economy. We’ve forged a new path for professionals and MBA-seekers to tackle good. But what does that mean? What does becoming a Quarterback entail? We’ll let them tell you!

Model Innovation: In the Media

As a follow-up to my prior post regarding Model Innovation–the New York Times ran a unique story which speaks directly to this trend. Disruptive models are breaking up even staid, commodity industries like coffee. …growers of commodity crops like coffee and cocoa often live in poverty. Over the last few decades, a worldwide movement under […]

Carolyn Ee - Overly Ambitious

Getting to Audacity

Audacity is an organization’s most valuable ally. When pushed by audacious supporters, volunteers and employees, an organization can grow more quickly and accomplish its mission in an expedited fashion. But, getting stakeholders to audacity is a process—and, like any process, the better you understand it, the better you can enhance it. Getting to audacity…

High five with Brian and Student

Thanksgiving and Ratios

My family is hosting their Thanksgiving a week later than most (this coming weekend). And while my focus narrows to myopic when I’m at the table (“What’s the proper ratio of cranberry-derived to stuffing-derived carbohydrates to induce a restful coma?”), recently writing a quick email to say “thank you” forced a bit of perspective.